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BEP20 Token Development Company - Create Your Own BEP20 Token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Now!

Create your BEP20 token in Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network now in just 48 hours with Nodalsoft Technologies, the BEP20 token development company.

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Binance Smart Chain is one of the emerging blockchain networks in the crypto space. Creating BEP20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain can benefit you in multiple ways, from popularizing your platform to raising funds. Especially when entrepreneurs set out to build their dream crypto/blockchain process, having their own BEP20 token and launching an ICO campaign can help them in raising capital for the development. Let's learn more about how Nodalsoft Technologies can assist in the development process of BEP20 tokens and in subsequent assistance.

BEP20 Token Development

BEP20 Token Development Company

Nodalsoft Technologies, the BEP20 token development company, helps global entrepreneurs, from startups to established entrepreneurs, develop BEP20 tokens for their organizations based on their scope and roadmap. Capitalizing on the expertise of 50+ in-house developers, programmers, and crypto architects, Nodalsoft Technologies does not settle with token development. Hence, consultancy on use cases of the BEP20 token is also provided for the clients. 

BEP-20 token development activities are trending of late because BNB-based token standards are flexible with others and easy for developers to create smart contracts that can interact with other tokens. 

What Is BEP20 Token Development?

BEP20 Token development is the process of creating new blockchain-based tokens (cryptocurrency) of the standard BEP20 on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain network. The BEP20 token development process has various stages, usually from ideation of the token to its tokenomics to its launch in the real market. BEP-20 token development process is undertaken by the crypto architechts and developers who hold expertise in minting 100+ tokens of various standards on various blockchain networks.

BEP20 Token Development Services

Nodalsoft Technologies offers BEP20 token development services to global blockchain entrepreneurs and assists them in devising the use cases of a native token in a platform. Here is a list of the entire development services and consultancy offered beyond BEP20 token creation. 

Token Development

Not just BEP20, but BNB tokens of every standard are created on Binance Smart Chain based on the requirements of the client. 

ICO Development

Develop an initial coin offering (ICO) platform and try raising funds for your blockchain project using your native BEP20 token. 

BEP20 Token Listing

Popularize your business by getting your tokens listed on top cryptocurrency exchanges and increasing the trading volume. 

BEP20 Token Wallet Development

Build decentralized (or) centralized blockchain-based crypto wallets that are compatible with only BEP20 tokens.

SmartContract Development

Our programmers develop bug-free and tested smart contracts to build more layers of dApps for your business and integrate your native BEP20 into it. 

White Paper Creation

Create a solid business class white paper for your crypto business (or) BEP20 token and help your target audience understand the scope of your business in simple terms.

Why Are BEP20 Token Development Services In Need of Late?

Now that you’re familiar with the types of BEP20 token development services and the kind of expertise required to meet the demands of entrepreneurs, let’s understand why Binance smart chain BEP20 token development is on the rise.

Binance Smart Chain is an emerging blockchain network with a rapidly-rising user base, progressing transaction volume, and rising total value locked (TVL). Also, global developers are creating a lot more decentralized applications on Binance Smart Chain. Hence, it’s the most sought-after platform and standard right now. (Remember that all these dApps must be connected to a BEP20 wallet.)

With the information learned herein, you’re prepared to take the next step by creating your BEP20 token for your business. Here’s how you can kickstart your BEP-20 token development activities. 

How to Create Your BEP20 Token?

You can create BEP 20 tokens by partnering with a BEP20 token development company. Here are the steps involved explained in brief. 

i) Ideation: Brainstorm the purpose behind creating your BEP20 tokens. 

ii) Tokenomics: You can set the following specifications for your BEP20 token.  

  • Token Name.
  • Ticker Name.
  • Maximum Supply.

iii) Compilation: Contract code must be created, and uploaded and the contract must be compiled.

(Caution: Seek assistance from the BEP20 token development company you partnered with because BEP20 Token creation fees must be paid to the network and hence you can’t afford to make any mistake.)

Parameters To Be Considered In BEP20 Token Development

If you’re about to create tokens on Binance Smart Chain, learning the BEP-20 token development parameters should come in handy. 

1. Can Mint – It’s the inflationary parameter. It denotes if new tokens can be minted furthermore to increase the total BEP20 supply. 

2. Can Burn – It’s the deflationary parameter. It denotes if new tokens can be burned furthermore to decrease the total BEP20 supply. 

3. Blacklist –This parameter helps you strictly forbid malicious addresses. 

4. Can Pause – It’s helpful during crucial moments where the platform becomes vulnerable. This informs whether one can hold all token-related operations when the platform gets attacked. Since the admin is given access to this parameter, it is considered a centralized parameter. 

BEP-20 Token Development - Features and Benefits

1. Platform Compatibility: BEP-20 tokens are compatible with both the BEP-2 and ERC-20 platforms

2. Binance Smart Chain: BEP20 tokens run on Binance Smart Chain. Can be used within the BSC network. 

3. Wallet Support: Nowadays, many wallets support BEP-20 tokens. Even cryptocurrency exchanges allow deposit and withdrawal of BEP20 tokens via their network at low fees. 

4. Ownership: BEP20 tokens can represent a variety of assets from shares, to crypto assets, fiat currencies, etc.

Your Business Scope of BEP20 Token Development 

Token Listing: 

After your BEP20 token development process, you can list your tokens on famous cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Wazirx, Coinbase, etc. Once you get listed on such exchanges, your BEP20 token would be exposed to a wider audience, and more crypto traders would buy your tokens. This will raise your token’s global market value. 


After creating your BEP20 token, conduct an ICO – Initial Coin Offering. ICO is the process by which you can raise funds for your business by selling your tokens. So, even before commencing your venture, you can effortlessly raise the capital investment for your dream project. 

Token Swaps: 

Similar to token listing, your BEP20 tokens can be listed in decentralized exchanges like Uniswap (or) Aave through which you can increase the customer base of your token. 


The major benefit of BEP20 tokens is that you can use your tokens as the native tokens of your platform. They can also be distributed as airdrops. This is primarily to increase the visibility and widespread popularity of your token. You never know, based on your token’s use case, you can land partnership deals with major crypto organizations. 


Along with BEP-20 token development, you can also build your exclusive blockchain platform similar to  Binance Smart Chain, upon which you can use your token as native tokens. 

BEP20 Token Development in 48 Hours

Cryptocurrency developers of Nodalsoft Technologies can help you create BEP20 tokens. BEP20 token development is essential for your projects involving DeFi protocols. With our cryptocurrency developers, BEP20 tokens can be developed in 48 hours. 

BEP20 Token Development

Top BEP20 Tokens

Here are some of the famous BEP20 tokens for you to replicate their business model. 

  • CAKE
  • BUSD
  • WBNB
  • BUX

Considering the success of such platforms and tokens in mind, more developers and entrepreneurs are inspired to build on Binance Smart Chain and create their unique BEP20 tokens. 

How Much Does It Cost To Create a BEP20 Token?

The cost to create a BEP20 token depends on the total supply of the tokens needed as per the business needs and other service requirements that come along with it. Since it depends from one project to another, it is difficult to fix a general quotation for the process. But the budget is usually affordable as it is the basic requisite for a blockchain business, so entrepreneurs can be assured of it.

Why Nodalsoft Technologies for BEP20 Token Development?

As a token development company, Nodalsoft Technologies helps NFT entrepreneurs in BEP20 token development to further propel their businesses in the blockchain world.  Nodalsoft Technologies also offers eight hours of FREE service. Nodalsoft is the only BEP20 token development company that offers many FREE perks such as introductory content marketing services, post-development support, etc.

Here are some perks you can enjoy by collaborating with us. 

- Beyond development, we intend to elevate your brand with branding.

- Led by a team that never compromises on quality and efforts.

- Transparent communication system with project leads.

- Plugin and API integration options.

- Industry-compliant security practices.

- Development with cross-platform compatibility. 

- Customized white label solutions. 

- Marketing support.

- 200% system efficiency.

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