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eBay NFT Marketplace - How to Build Yours?

Build your NFT marketplace like eBay with all the vital features to attract global NFT artists and traders by deploying our eBay NFT marketplace clone script.

Justswap Clone Script

If you have decided to create your NFT marketplace like eBay, remember, it’s a futuristic business model and has got the evergreen scope in the coming years. So, you have taken a wise decision. If you are wondering about starting your NFT marketplace, consider these four reasons for better clarity. 

1. Lower costs

You just have to spend for the initial setup cost. No more additional expenditure.  

2. Doesn’t require technical knowledge

You don’t need technical knowledge to build the platform or administer it. An NFT marketplace development company will help you build it, and then the entire process remains pretty much automated.

3. Customer data

You get to collect the contact details of both customers and sellers with which you can monetise by executing email marketing campaigns. 

4. Huge customer base

More than $2 billion dollars were spent on NFTs last year. So, just imagine the level of craze and the wide customer base of crypto and NFTs. It’s just getting started! 

Steps in eBay NFT Marketplace Development

1. Ideation:

NFT marketplaces are just taking off. Decide how to set your brand apart with unique elements.

2. Storefront Design:

NFTs deal with artworks. So, ensure your storefront designs are visually compelling because a major part of your platform’s success is attributed to your designs. 

3. User/admin Panel Creation: 

Create user panels for buyers, sellers, and you, the administrator, with all the necessary features. Integrate with a content management system so that you can keep your users informed about your platform updates by publishing blog posts or via push notifications. 

4. Blockchain Integration:

NFTs run on the blockchain. Hence, choose your desired blockchain network to stage your NFT marketplace. Though Ethereum is the famous blockchain that supports NFTs, a lot of other blockchain networks too like Binance Smart Chain and EOS have hopped into the bandwagon. 

5. Smart Contract Development: 

Integration of smart contracts helps you automate the entire workflow. Hence, no third party is required, thus further lowering your costs. 

6. Wallet Integration: 

Integrate wallets into your eBay-like NFT marketplace platform to help your buyers purchase NFTs and sellers to secure their revenue. Crypto wallets further strengthen your security protocols and create trust among your users. 

7. White Paper Creation: 

Craft a compelling business class white paper that better explains the role of your platform. Your white paper, if written of good quality, can land huge investment deals too. 

8. NFT Marketplace Launch: 

Now that you are all set in dimensions, you can launch your eBay-like NFT marketplace out in the market. 

Core Features of eBay NFT Marketplace. 

  • Social Sharing 
  • Live Auction 
  • NFT Gifts
  • Crypto Payments 
  • Content Management System 
  • Multi-Language Support 
  • Shopping cart
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Powerful analytics
  • NFT order reports
  • Discounts and special offers
  • NFT description
  • Advanced product search
  • Chat support

eBay NFT Marketplace – Panel Features

Admin Panel 

  • Secure login. 
  • Marketplace management 
  • Privacy setting 
  • Payment management 
  • NFT management 
  • Exclusive CMS

Seller Panel 

  • Easy registration. 
  • NFT uploads. 
  • NFT Sales analytics. 
  • Sell profile creation. 
  • Seller review management. 
  • Seller policies. 

Buyer Panel

  • Easy registration. 
  • NFT Carts. 
  • Coupon code. 
  • View NFT orders. 
  • Review and rate NFTs. 
  • Buyer profile creation. 

How to Make Money with Your eBay NFT Marketplace?

Check out the various ways through which you can earn money in your platform.

Selling fee

You could charge a fraction of amount in cryptocurrency for every NFT uploaded by a seller. 

Seller subscription

Introduce a seller subscription model – sellers can pay some ‘X’ amount in crypto and enjoy a certain number of free listings. 

Affiliate programs 

Run affiliate programs and gain traffic and more business. You get to earn more and pay the affiliates too. 

The Million Dollar Revenue Model. 

Beeple Art
Beeple sold an NFT for $69 million

Even if you don’t introduce any of the aforementioned monetization models, it’s alright. Because even just the commission-based revenue model can make you a millionaire. Here’s how. 

Imagine you charge just 10% on every NFT sale on your platform. If an artwork similar to the one sold by Beeple (worth $69 million dollars) goes on sale, you could earn $6.9 million easily through commission.


If you believe a 10% commission rate is higher, reduce the margin and increase the quantity of sales.       

What is eBay NFT Marketplace Clone Script? 

eBay NFT marketplace clone script replicates all the features of the eBay NFT marketplace platform but under your brand name. It runs on the blockchain network, users can buy and sell NFTs including artworks, videos, and GIF files, and you can easily customize your platform accordingly.   

Why eBay NFT Marketplace Clone Script from Nodalsoft Technologies?

Nodalsoft, the NFT Marketplace Development Company, helps you build a platform that replicates all the features of an eCommerce NFT marketplace. Here’s why you’ll be benefitted by preferring us. 

● Agile methodology. 

● Exclusive project manager. 

● 50+ blockchain architects & designers. 

● Proficient development team with NFT expertise. 

Your FREE perks. 

Deploying our eBay NFT marketplace clone script comes with bonus perks as well. 

FREE Business class white paper. 

● FREE post-development support. 

● FREE 30-minute consultation call. 

● FREE 1-week development service.

Disclaimer: We're in no way affiliated with the official eBay application.

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