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ERC20 Token Development Company - Create your own ERC20 Token Now!

Create your ERC20 token now in just 48 hours with Nodalsoft Technologies, the ERC20 token development company.

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Nodalsoft Technologies, the ERC20 token development company, helps fintech entrepreneurs develop ERC20 tokens for their businesses based on their current scope and roadmap. With more than 50 in-house developers, smart contract programmers, and blockchain architects, beyond token development, consultancy regarding potential use cases for the token is also delivered. ERC20 token development activities are at an all-time high rate because this token standard is quite compatible with others and easy for Ethereum developers to code smart contracts that can interact with your ERC20 token. 

Business Benefits of ERC20 Token Development

As a blockchain entrepreneur, here are the benefits of having a native ERC20 token for your business. 

- Your own ERC20 token can help facilitate payment transactions within your platform. 

- You don’t have to rely on some other tokens (or) currency. 

- Transaction confirmation is done more effectively on the explorer. 

- Avoids the risk of contract interruption.

- Since ERC20 tokens offer good liquidity, they will not affect the flow of your business. 

- Coded smart contracts ensure that transactions are devoid of any risks. 

These are just a few elite benefits of creating your own ERC20 token. Now, let’s learn and analyze how you can make optimal use of the features that come as a part of our development process.  

ERC20 Token Development Services

Nodalsoft Technologies offers ERC20 token development services to global blockchain companies and helps them leverage the potential of native ERC20 tokens in their process. Here is a list of the entire development services beyond ERC20 token creation. 

Token Development

Not just ERC20, but tokens of all standards are also developed based on the business needs of entrepreneurs. 

ICO Development

Build an initial coin offering platform and raise funds for your project with your native ERC20 token. 

Token Wallet Development

Develop decentralized (or) centralized cryptocurrency wallets that are compatible with almost all the top tokens/cryptocurrencies. 

ERC20 Wallet Development

Develop decentralized (or) centralized cryptocurrency wallets that are compatible with only ERC20 tokens.

Token Listing

Popularize your business by getting your tokens listed on top cryptocurrency exchanges and increasing the trading volume. 

Token Migration

Effortlessly transfer the tokens from one crypto wallet to another because ERC20 tokens are compatible with almost all blockchain wallets.

Cold Storage

Protect your developed ERC20 token offline from cyber vulnerabilities and other fraudulent acts. Cold storage prevents the breach of your platform even in the absence of an active network. 

Features of ERC20 Token Development Services

Nodalsoft Technologies’ ERC20 token development services are known for the way the organization configures the development options based on the demand of the project. Here are some of the top features. 

Token Customization 

Right from your ERC20 token name and symbol to its maximum supply and burning limit, every single element can be customized. 

Owners of ERC20 Tokens Developed

As an administrator, you get the ownership control to monitor, supply, minty, or burn your ERC20 tokens.  

No Requirement for Programming Skills

Token management from the admin side requires absolutely no prior experience in programming. That’s how the entire process is done. 

Compatibility Options

ERC20 tokens are naturally compatible with all the other decentralized apps, NFTs, and blockchain platforms.

Verified Smart Contract Source Code

Upon verification, the entire smart contract source code will be handed over to the client side without any hassle. 

How to Create Your ERC20 Token?

After collaborating with an ERC20 token development company, please follow the following steps. 

1. Token Naming - Choose the right name for your ERC20 token. 

2. Token Symbol - Decide upon the appropriate symbol for your token. 

3. Total Supply -  As the token administrator, decide upon the total supply of your ERC20 token. 

4. Token Decimal Places - Decide on the fractional part of your token. 

5. Burning Limit - Set auto burning mode if the token in circulation reaches beyond a certain threshold limit. 

Types of ERC20 Token Development 

Utility Token

Utility tokens represent a value of exchange in the blockchain environment. They can be swapped to utilize a specific service on any platform. Tokens can be bought first and then redeemed for something else - it could be a service or purchasing of a product. ERC20 tokens of a such model can be developed. 

Payment Token

ERC20 tokens as payment tokens are primarily used to avail services or to buy and sell products/NFTs in a blockchain application directly without having to go through an extra middleman. Almost every token acts as a payment token in a way. 

Exchange Token

Exchange tokens are deployed by teams that run cryptocurrency exchanges. They are distributed as airdrops to people and motivated to use them in the place of gas fees, redeeming free discounts, and as a gateway to access a few other elite features of the exchange. Every exchange has its own native exchange token. 

Non-Fungible Token

An NFT - non-fungible token - represents the unique digital ownership of a digital item on a blockchain network. It could represent anything - from art to photos/videos/audios to real estate lands. All these real-life elements can be tokenized with the help of a non-fungible token. Hence, such NFTs can also be developed.

Besides ERC20 Token Development, what are the other significant token standards?

- ERC 223

- ERC 721

- ERC 1400

- ERC 777

- ERC 827

- ERC 1155

- ERC 998

Create your ERC20 token with Nodalsoft Technologies

As an Ethereum token development company, Nodalsoft Technologies helps NFT entrepreneurs in ERC20 token development to better moderate their business plans and scale businesses efficiently.  With initial eight hours of FREE service, Nodalsoft offers a lot more beyond token development. Nodalsoft is the only ERC20 token development company that offers other FREE perks such as introductory content marketing services, post-development support, etc.

Here are some of the privileges and perks clients get to enjoy when they collaborate with us.

- Beyond development, we intend to elevate your brand with branding.

- Led by a team that never compromises on quality and efforts.

- Transparent communication system with project leads.

- Plugin and API integration options.

- Industry-compliant security practices.

- Development with cross-platform compatibility. 

- Customized white label solutions. 

- Marketing support.

- 200% system efficiency.

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