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Instagram NFTs - 5 Ways It Can Help Content Creators

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Instagram NFTs are soon to be released. Here's how you - content creators - can be benefitted by the digital assets.

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What is Instagram NFT? 

Instagram NFTs are non-fungible tokens (or) digital collectibles that can be minted on Instagram with the help of blockchain technology. Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, claimed in a conference at Austin, Texas, that NFTs are soon to be revealed in Instagram. However, nobody is sure how users would be able to mint and manage it on the famous social media platform that garners over 1 billion monthly active users. 

Instagram NFTs for Content Creators

No matter what, Meta applications (Instagram and Facebook) are known for their monetary business model that focuses more on the efforts of content creators to fit into their algorithm. Years back you could easily garner high impressions by using the right hashtags. But not anymore! 

Instagram ensures users try their hand at all their features (from stories to reels) with, of course, quality content, to be a part of their curated list. So, it’s pretty easy to figure out how Instagram NFTs might work for digital content creators once they are officially rolled out. Here’s a brief glimpse at the top five ways. 

i) Instagram NFT Profile Picture

Twitter released hexagon-shaped NFT profile pictures for NFT enthusiasts to showcase their collections and to help other people gain better ideas about their profile. Similarly, Instagram NFTs might focus on the user display pictures. 

Twitter’s long-awaited hexagonal profile pictures that give bragging rights to NFT HOLDers is here — but not everyone loves it

If you’re an artist who wants people of similar interests to be your followers, this should be a great value-added option, because not many like-minded users would want to ignore your profile as the Instagram NFT profile picture would be all glittery on top, making them visit your profile at least once for sure. So, more the profile clicks and visits, the higher the chances of them becoming your followers. 

ii) Instagram NFT Marketplace 

It’s just going to be great if Instagram NFT Marketplace actually takes shape and comes as a part of the grand reveal. Imagine Insta users minting (creating), buying and selling NFTs on the application with just clicks by connecting their account to decentralized wallets. This should be on top of Mark’s priority list because for a man who’s all into rampant monetary business models, Instagram NFT Marketplace should be a great idea. 

Even B2B business brands can build something of this as every trade that happens in the platform would fetch a considerable amount of money as fee for the administrative team. 

iii) Instagram NFT Influencers

Influencers - oh, yeah, we’ve got enough of them already on the internet. When NFT goes mainstream with Instagram and the common people across the world, you could witness a whole community of people advertising NFTs and its applications on virtual lands. 

Influencer GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

It should be a good earning option for the ardent NFT maniacs. The days are not that far where digital content creators thrive on advertising virtual files. 

iv) Instagram NFT Pages

Dedicated Instagram NFT pages that sell NFTs by listing the collection out on colorful tiles like an eCommerce brand will take Instagram off to a whole new level in Web3. The concept could pave the way for NFT eCommerce stores as well which may sound crazy now but not in the coming years. 

Selling Bart Simpson GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Since NFTs don’t need to be shipped, tracked, or doubted for quality (unlike fake replica products on the internet), the sellers won’t be facing a difficult time in selling off their collection in minutes. 

v) Instagram NFT Reels  

The last thing you might want to experiment with as a content creator is Instagram NFT reels. Who knows, you might want to dance to one of those latest tunes all the while your NFT swings across your screen because reels have garnered good response ever since its launch. Two-thirds of the NBA’s franchises have posted at least one Reel since the feature launched in the United States, and they get 22% higher engagement rate than their posts. 

Funny Nba GIFs | Tenor

Anything is possible with Meta’s business strategies and since they have decided to go full-fledged on Metaverse, nothing of this sort might come as a surprise to us. It could be one of those experiments led by Mark and his team. 

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