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JustSwap Clone Script - Build your Decentralized Exchange Now

JustSwap is a TRON-based automated liquidity protocol (DEX) that helps users exchange their TRC20 tokens instantly and easily in a decentralized way.

Justswap Clone Script

How does our JustSwap Clone Script work?

JustSwap is a TRON-based automated liquidity protocol (DEX) that helps users exchange their TRC20 tokens instantly and easily in a decentralized way.

Features of JustSwap Clone Script

i) TRC20 Transfer

Our JustSwap Clone Script helps you launch a decentralized exchange like JustSwap on which traders can  exchange TRC20 tokens without any barrier. 

ii) Unlimited Liquidity: 

Your platform can attract more users only when you have high  liquidity. So, just like JustSwap, by deploying our clone script, you get continuous liquidity with the AMM mechanism. 

iii) Open for all:

Your JustSwap-like protocol will be available to everyone across the world without any discrimination, thus delivering true decentralized financial options like TRON. 

iv) Maximum Profit:

You can even customize your business model with no trading commission in the initial phase of your marketing and growth to attract a wider user base. So, more traders will access your platform with the hopes of acquiring maximum profit. 

The Uniqueness of JustSwap Clone Script

JustSwap has the lowest fee structure and the fastest payment options since it was built on the TRON blockchain. So, building your protocol with our JustSwap Clone Script on TRON blockchain network will also be on par with such top DeFi protocols. 

How to Make Money With Our JustSwap Clone Script?

Trading fees:

- In JustSwap, users need to pay token liquidity providers a 0.3% trading fee. 

For example, when a user exchanges token X for TRX, 0.3% of token X will be charged as the trading fee. 

- 0.3% of TRX will be charged as the trading fee when exchanging TRX for token Y.

- The collected 0.3% trading fee goes back to the liquidity providers. 

- However, you can customize your pricing model in such a way that you can earn a portion of it. 

- You could set a 0.4% trading fee out of which you can share 0.2% among liquidity providers and the remaining 0.2% goes into your pocket. 

Benefits of JustSwap Clone Script

i) No Registration

After deploying the JustSwap Clone Script, users don't have to register an account for using your DEX protocol. They can just use a decentralized wallet like TronLink to log in. 

ii) Fast and Convenient

Effortless and quick execution of TRC20 token transfers, without waiting for order matches in the queue.

iii) 100% secure

Your users would face zero risks as financial business logic is implemented by smart contracts. It helps you trace the on-chain actions and the presence of third-party is completely ruled out.

Why is JustSwap-like DEX your ideal business model?

Crypto users are looking for alternatives for Ethereum owing to high gas fees and the transaction time. Hence, building your JustSwap-like decentralized exchange on TRON blockchain will be ideal to attract all those users to your platform. 

Here’s why your business model has higher chances of winning. 

  • Transaction time: Ethereum - 6 minutes, TRON - 15 seconds.
  • TPS: Ethereum - 15, TRON - 3000. 
  • Consensus: Ethereum - PoW, TRON - PoS.  

Build Your Own DEX like JustSwap.

If you are a fintech entrepreneur and your team has got plans to build a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform like JustSwap, do not hesitate to reach out to us - Nodalsoft Technologies. Our blockchain architects shall set up a free consultation call to help you with your business requirements. Nodalsoft Technologies, the DeFi Development Company, helps you build a platform that replicates all the features of JustSwap. Here’s why you’ll be benefitted by preferring us. 

● Agile methodology. 

● Exclusive project manager. 

● 50+ blockchain architects & designers. 

● Proficient development team with DEX expertise. 

Your FREE perks. 

Our collaboration ensures you are profited by gaining more than your requirements.

FREE Business class white paper. 

● FREE post-development support. 

● FREE 30-minute consultation call. 

● FREE 1-week development service.

Disclaimer: We're in no way affiliated with the official Instagram application.

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