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KnownOrigin Clone Script - Instantly Kickstart Your NFT Marketplace Business

Here's how the KnownOrigin clone script can help you instantly kickstart your own P2P NFT marketplace like KnownOrigin in the market and how it can become your profitable business.

Justswap Clone Script

What is KnownOrigin clone script? 

KnownOrigin clone script empowers you (fintech entrepreneurs) to launch your NFT marketplace like KnownOrigin with all the same features but under a new brand name. While NFT enthusiasts could earn a living by minting, selling, and trading NFTs, as a fintech entrepreneur, using KnownOrigin clone script, you can earn profits from the sales commission through your NFT marketplace platform. KnownOrigin, the Manchester-based NFT marketplace, is based on Ethereum blockchain network. Similarly, if needed, KnownOrigin clone can also be made to function on the same network. 


Benefits of Deploying KnownOrigin Clone Script

Here are the top benefits of creating your NFT marketplace like KnownOrigin with KnownOrigin clone script.

High Return of Investment:

According to DappRadar, KnownOrigin generated a total NFT sales revenue of $7.8 million till date since its inception in 2018. So, when the platform is set right targeting the right audience, profits are made only in millions.

No Code:

The biggest benefit of KnownOrigin clone script is that you don’t need any in-house NFT marketplace development team to build it. The entire system will be integrated into your platform and you can effortlessly access it without any coding knowledge. 

Quick Launch:

To build an NFT marketplace platform with your own in-house resources requires more time for development and launch. Rather, KnownOrigin clone script takes minimal time to launch your marketplace business.

Cost-Effective Model:

Launching an NFT marketplace platform like KnownOrigin requires at least a couple of blockchain architects, blockchain and smart contract developers, UI/UX designers and a copywriter. While this model consumers huge expenditure, deploying the KnownOrigin clone is relatively cost-effective.

Easy Administration:

You can effortlessly manage the entire platform (from finance management to operation management) without having the need to rely on someone else.

Commission Model in KnownOrigin Clone Script

The actual commission model in KnownOrigin marketplace works by sending 85% of the primary sale to the NFT artist and 15% to the platform administrator as commission fee. For secondary sale, 85% is sent to the seller, 12.5% to the artist, and the remaining 2.5% as commission fee to the platform administrator. So, as many times an NFT gets resold, your commission fee increases as well.  

Functionality of KnownOrigin Clone Script

Source: Medium

How to Build an NFT Marketplace like KnownOrigin?

The following steps will offer an overview of how to create your KnownOrigin-like NFT marketplace. 

i) Business Model

Decide upon how you’d want your NFT marketplace to work in the market and finalize your revenue channels.

ii) Domain Purchase

Once the business strategy is set, an appropriate website domain must be purchased that fits your business model.  

iii) Blockchain Network

Every NFT marketplace has to run on some blockchain network. Select your desired network based on your business needs. 

iv) UI/UX Development

The first phase of development begins with UI/UX development. It offers a better understanding of the entire flow. 

v) Front-End and Back-End Development

Front and back-end development are done with the help of developers based on the UI/UX designs and other system requirements. 

vi) Testing

The QA team tests for bugs in your marketplace platform to protect it from any sort of cyber threats. 

vii) NFT Pre-Sale

Before you launch KnownOrigin like NFT marketplace create hype in the market by releasing limited edition NFTs as part of the pre-sale. 

viii) Launch

Once the pre-sale concludes, launch your NFT marketplace and help it reach across all the global NFT enthusiasts immediately.

KnownOrigin Clone Script Features

Mint, Sell, Instant Trade:

Users from any part of the world can easily connect their Web3 wallet to your NFT marketplace platform and mint, sell, and instantly trade NFTs. 


As a part of the auction feature, users can do any of the following. 

- Place Bid - users can place bid for any of the NFTs in your marketplace. 

- Increase Bid -  users can increase their bid on top of their competitor. 

- Withdraw Bid - in the event of any mistake, your users can withdraw their bid. 

- Accept Bid - NFT artist/seller can accept the latest & highest bid made by the buyer. 

24 Hours Reserve Auction: 

This unique feature starts functioning when an NFT receives its first bid. From then on, the auction continues till the 24th hour mark, welcoming bids from all the buyers. By the end of the stipulated time, whichever buyer has the top bid gets to claim the corresponding NFT. 

Multi-Wallet Support

KnownOrigin clone script can be integrated with any of the top decentralized wallets such as,

- MetaMask

- Trust Wallet

- Argent Wallet

- MyEther Wallet

- Coinbase Wallet

- Torus

- Fortmatic

- Portis

- Wallet Connect

Artist Registry 

Every user in your NFT marketplace platform gets to create their exclusive NFT seller/buyer profile with provisions to link their social media accounts for their personal branding. 

Tokens Standards in KnownOrigin Clone Script

You can implement any of the top NFT standards in your NFT marketplace platform. 

  • ERC721
  • EIP2981
  • ERC1155
  • ERC20
  • ERC998
  • ERC1190
  • FLOW-NFT Standard
  • FA2 (Tezos)

KnownOrigin Clone Script on Various Blockchains

KnownOrigin clone script can be made to function on any of the top blockchain networks. Here are some of them. 

  • Ethereum 
  • Binance Smart Chain 
  • Tezos
  • TRON
  • Polygon
  • Flow
  • Solana

Create your NFT Marketplace like KnownOrigin Based On Any Domain.

Customize your KnownOrigin clone script exclusively based on any of these sectors.

- Art
- Collectibles
- Domain Names
- Music
- Photography
- Sports
- Trading Cards
- Utility
- Virtual Worlds

Why do FinTech Entrepreneurs Prefer KnownOrigin Clone Script from Nodalsoft Technologies? 

As an NFT marketplace development company, Nodalsoft Technologies helps global fintech NFT entrepreneurs by providing NFT marketplace development solutions and clones of top platforms like Rarible clone script, OpenSea clone script, Cryptopunks clone script, etc. Beyond development, Nodalsoft Technologies also acts as a consulting agency that offers profitable NFT marketplace clone script business ideas to quickly launch your NFT business. 

With initial eight hours of FREE service, Nodalsoft aims in bringing the best for both the parties involved. Along with FREE white paper creation and introductory content marketing services, Nodalsoft is the only NFT marketplace development company that offers way more than your expectations.

Here are some of the privileges and perks clients get to enjoy when they collaborate with us.

- Beyond development, we intend to elevate your brand with branding.

- Led by a team that never compromises on quality and efforts.

- Transparent communication system with project leads.

- Plugin and API integration options.

- Industry-compliant security practices.

- Development with cross-platform compatibility. 

- Customized white label solutions. 

- Marketing support.

- 200% system efficiency.

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