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KuCoin launches its office in ERTHA Metaverse

KuCoin's latest office setup is in ERTHA's metaverse. Read why the famous cryptocurrency exchange decided to step into the virtual world.

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Metaverse is the extended reality of our world, and major brands like Nike, Adidas, Coca Cola have already made their presence in it to capitalize the forthcoming market.

The latest addition to the meta world is KuCoin, the globally famous cryptocurrency exchange. With its operational headquarters in Seychelles, KuCoin was launched in 2017. Since its inception it has offered over 700 digital assets to the global crypto trading community. 

Of late, KuCoin has been probing to venture into the trend and future - metaverse. And that led them to integrate with ERTHA, the metaverse built on Binance Smart Chain. 

Players who visit Ertha’s Early Beta will be greeted by a towering KuCoin Office. The KuCoin Office is located in the first playable ERTHA NFT Land plot. Since already 24,000 plots have been sold on Ertha, KuCoin decided not to let this opportunity go off. 

Why did KuCoin launch its office in Ertha? 

The strategy to become a part of Ertha was actually win-win situation for both the parties. For KuCoin, it offered them the chance to showcase their brand as a metaverse-friendly cryptocurrency exchange while for Ertha it had the first opportunity to collaborate with a real-world brand and make the corresponding brand’s presence displayed in their metaverse. 

KuCoin’s affinity towards ERTHA is obvious because the metaverse platform continues to lead the transformation within GameFi domain. While other platforms continue to integrate mid-sized brands, ERTHA collaborating with a crypto exchange platform that facilitates trading of 40,000 BTC on average every day says a lot about their credibility and future potential. 

What is ERTHA metaverse? 

The ERTHA metaverse comprises 350,000 land plots. Each plot has provisions to collect fees, tax, and other mode of income from the transactions that happen based on them. 

ERTHA is loaded with a virtual map similar to our world map. The interesting storyline puts mankind on the verge of extinction but avatars are provided with the last chance to right the wrongs and build the meta world for the better. Users can build lands, rebuild economies, and remodify governments based on their aspirations and what is considered to be the best fit for their world. 

In ERTHE metaverse, the famous locations (similar to the real ones) like Japan and Rome went for record-high sales at $59,000 and $120,000 respectively. 

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