PancakeSwap Clone Script.

Bring your DeFi dreams into reality without coding or a technical team by administering your own DeFi exchange like PancakeSwap with our PancakeSwap Clone Script. 

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PancakeSwap Clone Development for FinTech Entrepreneurs.

Nodalsoft Technologies is a PancakeSwap Clone Script development company that helps defi entrepreneurs to build their DeFi DEX exchange like Pancakeswap. PancakeSwap Clone Script executes the same functions of the actual PancakeSwap decentralized exchange. PancakeSwap is a defi platform built on Binance SmartChain (BSC) to exchange BEP-20 tokens. Entrepreneurs in the blockchain space can just easily deploy the script to build a DeFi decentralized exchange like Pancakeswap without any coding or an expensive blockchain team.

PancakeSwap Clone Script for FinTech Entrepreneurs.

Features of PancakeSwap
Clone Software

Here's a brief glimpse at how NodalSoft helps its global clients advance their business with features-laded pancakeswap clone script.
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PancakeSwap DEX Development

With our pancakeswap clone script, your users can easily trade tokens through an Automated Market Making mechanism (AMM). The major highlight is that your users can select from a number of tokens to trade.

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PancakeSwap Yield Farming

There are yield farming options too. Without any lockup period, users can stake their tokens in your platform’s farms. It is the process of lending their crypto via smart contracts based on which they harvest theirreturns.

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PancakeSwap Staking

With definite lockup period, your users can easily stake their tokens to earn rewards. It’s not necessary to trade (or) continuously monitor the yields. One can just stake and leave it until the lockup time expires. Then, he/she can harvest their yields.

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Syrup Pools

When you launch your PancakeSwap-like DEX platform, you’d have the provision to include syrup pools. In syrup pools, tokens of external projects are listed. If users stake your platform’s native tokens in syrup pools, they can earn the tokens of those projects as well.

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Users can participate in lottery events on your platform. By purchasing tickets users can earn more rewards. Winners are decided when the 4-digit number on their ticket matches with the platform’s announcement. Our pancakeswap clone script in included with such appealing features.

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This will be the greatest selling point of your platform. By issuing non-fungible tokens to random users (or) contest winners (or) lottery winners, you get to attract more users to your protocol.
You can also integrate NFT domain into your platform toleverage the potential of crypto collectibles.

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Benefits of PancakeSwap Clone Script

Without KYC verification, your platform can be used by anyone from any part of the world without any

New tokens
Syrup pools widen your traders’ trading options by introducing them to a variety of tokens.

No coding/technical team
Your PancakeSwap-like decentralized exchange can be run without any coding experience or an in-house tech team.

Benefits of PancakeSwap Clone Script

White Label PancakeSwap Clone Software

A completely customizable white label Pancakeswap clone software helps you run and administer every process easily in the form of an application. By making minor changes to the existing platform based on your needs, the application can be reframed catering to your target audience. It has all the user-centric features like swap, liquidity pools, governance protocols, lottery, and a lot more. Even NFTs can be integrated into the application if it's a part of your business strategy. Thus, a white label Pancakeswap clone software is an easier way to launch your DeFi swap instantly.


PancakeSwap Clone Software Development Process

Any pancakeswap clone script service we offer on any network
consists of the following phases of process. 

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1. Kick-Off Meeting

Initial call that determines the scope of the entire project and discusses the client brief.

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2. UI/UX Framework

The UI/UX team sets the design blueprint for the application based on user psychology.

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3. Content Marketing

Content/copywriters work out on webpage content strategy to yield better global reach.

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4. Development & Launch

Blockchain architects start building the system after which QA team sorts the bugs for launch.

Add-Ons to our PancakeSwap Clone Script Service

Add-Ons to our PancakeSwap Clone Script Service

With initial eight hours of FREE service, Nodalsoft aims in bringing the best for both the parties involved. Along with FREE white paper creation and introductory content marketing services, Nodalsoft is one of the few PancakeSwap clone script development companies that offers way more than your expectations.

across all verticals

How To Grow Your Business With PancakeSwap Clone Script?

We aim to revolutionize the blockchain industry across major domains in the world.
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Trading Fees

PancakeSwap levies a trading fee of 0.2% of which 0.17% goes back into the liquidity pool as rewards and the remaining 0.03% is used for maintenance and development. You can even charge more than based on your requirement and expand your platform revenue at ease without any severe complications.

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Core Fee

In syrup pools, selective Binance Smart Chain projects can be listed. It is split into two sections. Core – Projects are selected by the platform management. Community – Projects are selected by the platform members. Hence, by levying a certain fee, you can even charge theBSC projects for listing in syrup pools.

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Initial Farm Offering is an interesting section. BSC projects can raise funds by listing on your platform through IFO. Users can stake their LP tokens on their desired IFO. Once the IFO sale ends, based on their staking amount, they get the corresponding IFO tokens in return.Hence, IFO listing can also be made chargeable.

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Lottery Fee

In PancakeSwap’s lottery events, the cost of purchasing one lottery ticket is 1 CAKE. In your platform, you can even charge more based on the rewards and participation level. Thus, by helping users make fortune based on luck, you can also earn through the fees it incurs.

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Token Listings

In your PancakeSwap clone script, you can always list new tokens representing emerging blockchain projects and help them gain popularity. All the while, you can also collect token listing fee as a reward for helping them grow and a fractional trading fee every time the specific token gets traded.

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Once you drive thousands of users from all round the world and become the defi hub of millions of transactions, you can raise funds from potential investors. Also, you can gain ideas by asking your community through governance system.

PancakeSwap Clone Script Tech Stack

Hyperledger Blockchain Development - Nodalsoft Technologies

Why We Believe NodalSoft is The Best for PancakeSwap Clone Software Development?

- Beyond development, we intend to elevate your brand with branding. 
- Led by a team that never compromises on quality and efforts. 
- Transparent communication system with project leads.
- Industry-compliant security practices. 
- 200% system efficiency.


Trusted by global fintech entrepreneurs.

By providing justice to system stability and application quality, we, Nodalsoft Technologies, were able to influence our client's success across the world.

client rating - nodalsoft technologies
"Reliable blockchain technology partners"

Our journey started with just token creation. Punctual delivery with quality and transparent communication of Nodalsoft's team led us to DeFi protocol development too. Today, we're building a complete blockchain with explorer, payment options, swap etc. Nodalsoft is, and will be, our trustworthy blockchain technology partner.

Client - Nodalsoft Technologies
Daniel, CEO of Wyzth Network
client rating - nodalsoft technologies
"Uncompromising quality and system stability"

Our decentralized application - Wyzth Swap - has a wide user base across the world. It's important for the system to be stable when large number of transactions happen all through the day. Nodalsoft has done a pretty good job so far in building a reliable system.

Client - Nodalsoft Technologies
Pat Werner, VP of Wyzth Swap
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