WazirX NFT 
Clone Script.

Wondering how to build an NFT Marketplace like Wazirx? NodalSoft Technologies's WazirX NFT marketplace clone script helps you emulate the success of Wazirx with 100% security and tier-1 quality at ease with complete operational control and full access.

WazirX NFT Marketplace Clone Script.

WazirX NFT 
Marketplace Clone Development Platforms

Get your WazirX NFT Marketplace clone built on any of your desirable top blockchain networks.


WazirX NFT 
Marketplace Clone Script for
FinTech Entrepreneurs.

NodalSoft Technologies, the emerging blockchain development company, is known for offering efficient blockchain solutions to powerhouses across the world and upcoming startups. Wazirx NFT marketplace is India's first and largest NFT marketplace. By capitalizing the NFT trend, cryptopreneurs are on the hunt for ways to create a Wazirx-like NFT marketplace. NodalSoft Technologies' Wazirx NFT marketplace development services helps you build an NFT marketplace exactly like Wazirx.

WazirX NFT Marketplace Development for FinTech Entrepreneurs.

Features of WazirX NFT Marketplace Clone Script

Here's a glimpse at how NodalSoft's NFT Marketplace like WazirX is armed with vital features.
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By building the system on blockchain, your WazirX NFT Marketplace clone holds and secures the data of all NFTs.

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Buy and Sell NFTs

15 minutes is all it takes for the global NFT artists to create, buy, and sell NFTs on your NFT platform easily.

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Collectors and creators can be provided with the provision to vote on your Wazirx like NFT marketplace.

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Enable global digital token collectors to earn income upon every NFT sale by delivering a portion of royalties directly to their crypto wallet in minutes.

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Live Auction

The top NFTs listed under live auction can be displayed in your WazirX NFT marketplace clone for people to keep track of it 24x7.

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NFT Gifts

The NFT gift feature in your NFT marketplace like Wazirx enables users to gift digital tokens to their closed ones in just a few clicks.

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Benefits of WazirX NFT Marketplace Clone

Safeguards your information as well as your clients' and users' with encryption technology in a decentralized structure.

For each token sold, a specific measure of charge for the sake of commission will be shipped off to the administrator wallet. Envision your foundation selling thousands of tokens consistently!

For each time a token is exchanged, administrator can acquire their exchanging bonus. This further lifts your income development.

Once your Wazirx-like NFT marketplace platform achieves greater heights, you get to partner with major crypto organizations and scale your business. 

Benefits of WazirX-like NFT Marketplace Development

WazirX NFT Marketplace Clone Development Process

Any NFT development service we offer consists of the following phases of process. 

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1. Kick-Off Meeting

Initial call that determines the scope of the entire project and discusses the client brief.

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2. UI/UX Framework

The UI/UX team sets the design blueprint for the application based on user psychology.

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3. Content Marketing

Content/copywriters work out on webpage content strategy to yield better global reach.

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4. Development & Launch

Blockchain architects start building the system after which QA team sorts the bugs for launch.

Add-Ons to Wazirx NFT Marketplace Development

Add-Ons to WazirX NFT Marketplace Clone Script

With initial eight hours of FREE service, Nodalsoft aims in bringing the best for both the parties involved. Along with FREE white paper creation and introductory content marketing services, Nodalsoft is one of the few Wazirx NFT marketplace development companies that offers way more than your expectations.

across all verticals

Our WazirX NFT 
Marketplace Clone Script for Various Domains.

We ensure your NFT
marketplace like WazirX is equipped with every user-required provision.
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You can assist growing artists with making, purchase, and sell their artistic skills on your application and contribute your part in their income, meanwhile producing your revenue through commission.

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NFTs in sports domain is a worthwhile procuring choice for both entrepreneurs and artists. Making and selling rare and most recent games cards is easily possible in your platform.

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Selling music things as NFTs is a promising way for musical specialists to produce pay for their living. Subsequently, fintech business visionaries can help large number of artists universally.

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NFTs (non-fungible tokens) can be given as in-game awards in web-based games, accordingly reassuring the involvement and cooperation of gamers. Likewise they can procure money by auctioning off the NFTs.

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Significant and powerful minutes caught as recordings can be stamped as computerized tokens (NFTs) and sold in your foundation. The uniqueness & prominence of the video can acquire a fortune.

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Real Estate

Trading virtual lands in the NFTs is the trend of late that overwhelms the world. In your NFT marketplace like Wazirx, you user-base can easily mint and sell such virtual genuine homes.

NFT Marketplace Clone Development Tech Stack

Hyperledger Blockchain Development - Nodalsoft Technologies

Why We Believe NodalSoft is the Best for WazirX NFT 
Marketplace Clone Development?

- Beyond development, we intend to elevate your brand with branding. 
- Led by a team that never compromises on quality and efforts. 
- Transparent communication system with project leads.
- Industry-compliant security practices. 
- 200% system efficiency.


Trusted by global fintech entrepreneurs.

By providing justice to system stability and application quality, we, Nodalsoft Technologies, were able to influence our client's success across the world.

client rating - nodalsoft technologies
"Reliable blockchain technology partners"

Our journey started with just token creation. Punctual delivery with quality and transparent communication of Nodalsoft's team led us to DeFi protocol development too. Today, we're building a complete blockchain with explorer, payment options, swap etc. Nodalsoft is, and will be, our trustworthy blockchain technology partner.

Client - Nodalsoft Technologies
Daniel, CEO of Wyzth Network
client rating - nodalsoft technologies
"Uncompromising quality and system stability"

Our decentralized application - Wyzth Swap - has a wide user base across the world. It's important for the system to be stable when large number of transactions happen all through the day. Nodalsoft has done a pretty good job so far in building a reliable system.

Client - Nodalsoft Technologies
Pat Werner, VP of Wyzth Swap
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